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Unity Children's University Development Center is a full-service childcare center.  Our desire is to partner with the parents to help guide your child in the direction that you desire.  Unity Children's University would like to be an extension of your family, giving your child a safe environment filled with the love and attention they deserve.

Our goal at Unity Children's University is to set an environment of progressive learning that enables each child to feel comfortable in his/her learning environment.  Our goal is to introduce each child to life as it is now and preparing them for the future.

We understand this is a challenge and cannot be successful without the commitment of the child's parents.  It is our desire to involve parents as much as possible and encourage you to spend as much time at the center as possible.

Counselling Services

We are focused on strengthening families.  If there is any way we can be of support to your family please don't hesitate to contact us.  We have Christian counselors who can work with you, if not we have a proven referral service.  We can assist and help you connect with other professionals who will provide additional assistance.

Family Resources 

Passionate about children's growth, development, and achievements.  Unity Children's University is proud to partner with educationally minded families who share these goals.  We appreciate and understand the rapid pace of today's world and work to ease the stressors modern families face.

Parenting Information, Articles, and Additional Resources

Unity Children's University has compiled and written a variety of childrearing articles and additional resources, that may help address some of the parenting issues you face every day.  These are just a sampling of some of the great parent resources our families have access to when enrolled at Unity Children's University.  We hope that you will find them useful as well.

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